Resource pages for online gaming If you like casino gaming, then you can find a lot of useful information at this site. is mainly focused on the Spanish market, meaning that all the casinos listed on their websites have a Spanish gambling license and are authorized to operate in Spain. But this doesn’t mean that other Spanish speaking people can’t take advantage of this website! They offer a large selection of guides and tips, which everyone can learn from. They’ve got everything from articles for beginners learning about casino gaming, as well as more advanced material for players who have been in the game for a long time!

Casino ZX: Casinozx has been around for quite some time now and has gained a good reputation amongst casino player in the Spanish region. Casinozx works as a portal to most Spanish casino related activities, and you can most likely find the answers to whatever questions you might have about casino games at this website. I was glad to see that they can also offer new players a really good start in their casino journey by offering specialized deals with Spains most popular casinos, where players can get up to an amazing €1.000 in bonuses when they make their first deposit at sites like Betfair, Bwin Miapuesta and 888! One of my favorite gambling related websites has always been The reason for this is because it covers both the Latin American as well as the Spanish market, which basically means that any Spanish speaking player can find what he’s looking for at Eurogambler. They are specializing in reviewing the most both popular and less known casinos that are active in the above specified regions. As different regulations apply for Spain than for Latin America, the website is divided in to two sections, one for each region, which makes it much easier to understand which online casinos you are allowed to play at and which ones you are not! What I really like about this website is that it’s is so diverse and content rich. Casinoonline, unlike many other casino portals, has chosen to focus on several regions in the world, Sweden, United Kingdom and Latin America. Thanks to this, they have quickly gained a good international reputation for providing casino players with really good deals and bonuses with over 50 different well reputed casino websites, such as MrGreen, Betsson, Betmotion and MyBet. also offer an extensive range of casino related articles which are all useful when it comes to improve your gaming! As one of Latin Americas oldest casino hubs, Jugaronline is very popular amongst Argentinean, Mexican, Chilean and Peruan casino players. This is the place to go if you want to find ways to improve your game, to learn how to maximize your casino bonuses or learn how games such as blackjack and roulette work. This is also a really hot spot if you are looking to find some new casinos to sign up to, as Jugar Online can provide you with reviews over most of the active online casinos in Latin America today. Better yet, they can give you customized deals with with a good number of sites listed with them! Tragamonedas is the best place to go if you are a Spanish speaker and you are looking for quality games in the casino world. As the name suggests (‘tragamonedas’ is Spanish for slot machines) you will find a large number of casinos specializing in videoslots. This is a great place for the slots-crazed to go in order to find new places to play at. I also recommend you read through their various guides, as I remember them proving to be very helpful to me when I was first starting out the world of online gambling. As you can see, they also have reviews over several casinos in order to recommend you the very best sites! is an Argentinean website that puts a lot of focus on to the national lottery, which is called the Quiniela in Argentina. The Quiniela is extremely popular and thousands upon thousands of people participate in it. If you are into different types of lottery, definitely check this website out. Another good thing, if you are in to gambling in general, is that this website provides a large selection of reviews over different popular casino websites, and scores them based on different criteria. This can really help you if you are looking for a new online casino but are unsure of which one you are going to play at. I have been a bingo player for many, many years, but I was also one of those people who got into online bingo a bit late. I guess I’m a bit old fashioned, but I wasn’t too sure about the whole internet thing, until my friend showed me this website, Bingoya, which thoroughly explained how to get started in online bingo, and I have to say that it was much easier than it looked! I startd off by reading the guides provided on the site, and then proceeded to pick out one of the many bingo operators listed in their review section. Ever since then, I’ve never gone back to the old bingo hall, I do all my playing online instead! As I was living in Spain for a couple of years due to the fact that my husband was working there, I was surprised to see that I couldn’t play on any of my usual bingo sites. I found out soon that this was because Spain had recently changed their laws on online gambling, and these days operators needed a Spanish operating license in order to legally be able to accept players residing in Spain. Juegosdelbingo has a large list of Spanish bingo websites that are licensed within the region, which makes life a lot easier for bingo players around Spain, and also you can get really good bonuses there as well! is an online gambling central specializing on bingo, and it has two main focuses. One is to provide players with necessary information about the game of bingo, so that players can comfortably start playing after reading the guides. Their second goal is to offer a big selection of reviewed bingo websites so that players can get a clear overview when comparing one site to another. Basically, if you are new to online bingo and feel like you want to try it out, I think that is probably the best place that you could start! In general, you get a lot of online gaming portals online, but they seem to all be focused on a very specific region, and that is where sticks out, as it has three regions and markets covered on their website: Sweden, Norway and Spain. What’s so good about this is the fact that you have over 30 different sites that have been reviewed on the same website, which really makes it easy for you to compare different operators in order to make up your mind on where you want to start playing. Another thing that is really good about the website is the fact that they offer various guides about online bingo as well, so you can learn a lot here as well. As one of Spain’s main sports betting portals, Apuestas Deportivas seem to get more and more popular every year. What I like most about this website is that it has so many guides that beginners and intermediate bettors can take value from, as well as having a lot of sportsbook listed in their review sections. That way, I can browse through several major brands, such as Bet365, William Hill, Lbapuestas and Miapuesta, in order to see which site offer the best odds and which site offers the best bonuses etc. Definitely worth a visit if you want to learn more about sports betting! Although is a rather new site, they have quickly managed to get a good reputation amongst sports bettors in Spain. This, I think, is mainly due to the fact that they offer some of the best bonuses on the market with the bookmakers they have listed on their websites. Free bets, great deposit bonuses and much more can all be found for sites like Miapuesta and Golden Park if you look at the review section of the website. Personally, I also like going through their archive of articles, as I find that there is a lot of valuable information to be found there. As someone who’s always been interested in Spanish football as well as sports betting, I was delighted when I found out about Finally I had a place which deeply analyzed every game in every round of the Spanish Quiniela. This truly is a hub for serious sports bettors to gather important information before the games kick off in order to make the right bet. What I really like about this site though, is that they’ve recently integrated a review-section, where you can find a lot of information about some of the big names in the industry, such as Bet365 or Bwin!

Cambio Divisas: Around Europe, and especially in Spain, financial trading is increasing in popularity and today there are more private traders than ever on the forex market, which is the world’s largest market. With so many new traders entering the scene, it’s good to know that places like Cambio Divisas exist, where new traders can learn the basics before they start investing on currencies. I think that Cambio Divisas has successfully come up with a set of guides that are both easy to understand, but also very detailed. A big plus is that they also have review a lot of the major Forex brokers on the market today, like AVAFX, XP Trader and! Binary options is something I’ve recently became interested in. It was a friend that told me about it, and since I had been trading on the Forex market for some time I became interested, and now I’ve been trading binary options for about two months. I found a great website when I was first starting out,, which offers a lot of different guides for the newcomer. There you will also find information about different binary brokers that are operating today, and you’ll also get some good recommendations! Another great thing is that they can offer you great bonuses with the brokers that are listed in their review sections! I found this site when I first started getting interested in financial trading a while back. I remember being a bit intimidated by it all, seeing that I had no background in finance whatsoever, and when I heard the word finance, my mind went straight to Wall Street. Because of this, I was very surprised when I understood just how easy trading can be, especially on the Forex market. offers you all kinds of articles on how to improve your success, as well as guides on how to get started. Many of the world’s most famous forex brokers are listed in their review section which should give you a good overview over which sites will suit you! Binary is a portal for anyone looking to learn more about trading binary options online. They provide everything from very basic guides on how trading actually works to deeper articles on risk management and trading strategies, so the website is valuable to both beginners and experienced traders. It’s also a great place for anyone who ‘s looking for a new Binary broker, as they have listed pretty much all the known names in the trading industry and compared them to each other in their extensive review section of the website. Click here to go to and find out more!